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Who are we?
We are a network of radical anti-authoritarian groups and individuals in UK universities and colleges. We organise to build solidarity and grassroots power in our campuses, communities and workplaces, and are looking build the network and get more people involved.

What do we believe?
We’re comprised of collectives of students and staff who envisage a fairer world, a freer community, and a better university. We strive towards fundamental and radical social change: capitalist society devastates the bonds between each of us, leaving us atomised, alienated and used. We come together to pursue human community as the basis of a new society, where our acts are valued for how they enrich our lives, not just the wealthy.

What do we want?
We want to create a world that is run democratically from the bottom up, with people organising together to run their own affairs without governments, bosses, or the economic system that they defend. It is a big goal, and won’t happen overnight— in the meantime we fight to have more autonomy and power over our lives in the here-and-now.

What do we do?
Our activities vary from place to place. Groups involve themselves in campaigns on and off campus, on issues such as environmental, social justice, workplace organising, anti-militarism and community activism. The network operates to help all these groups keep in touch and organise more effectively at a wider level.


1)We reject the capitalist system and the structures that defend it – in particular, the state apparatus.

2)We reject and challenge all forms of oppression, including – but not limited to – heterosexism, racism and disablism.

3)We reject hierarchical organisation and the concentration of power in the hands of the few; we are committed to grassroots organisational methods that allow individuals autonomy within the network.

4)We advocate the abolition, rather than the mere reform, of capitalism and hierarchical structures.

5)We advocate revolutionary means to achieve a world based on equality, sustainability, and freedom.